How fast can an on-line payday loan be?

Many non-banking payday loan companies operating on the Internet boast that they can give a payday loan to a client even within 15 minutes.

Jak szybka może być pożyczka on-line?

It would seem that such a short time is not possible. Or maybe?

Non-bank payday loans offered by payday loan institutions is a very attractive proposition for anyone needing extra cash. Thanks to them, we can finance every expense. We have installment payday loans at our disposal, which are offered for several months or several years, as well as quick payday payday loans , which we usually take out for one month.

To receive a quick online payday loan, we must meet the specific requirements of the payday loan company. These include, but are not limited to, adequate creditworthiness and creditworthiness. We also have to go through a special verification procedure, which involves making a transfer. An alternative solution is to use the Giro check carried out at the Poczta Polska outlet, but then the payday loan is not entirely online.

What determines the speed of the on-line payday loan?

When you are also interested in an installment payday loan or a payday offer offered via the internet, you are sure that you expect the money to be in your account as soon as possible. Indeed, sometimes it is possible in a quarter of an hour, and even even faster, but it also happens that we will have to wait even a few days for the transfer.

First of all, the speed of on-line payday loans depends on the bank in which we have our bank account. Why? Because it is from this account we make a verification transfer, and then we receive money on this account. When transfers are inter-bank, ie made between two banks, the standard posting time is one business day. When the account of the customer and the payday loan company are in the same bank, the transfers pass immediately.

The second issue is the working hours of the payday loan company. It is in them that payday loans are granted. Usually companies work from Monday to Friday, but there are also those that are available to customers on weekends. When we apply for a payday loan outside the business hours of a payday loan company, it will be processed the next day.

It is also worth pointing out that much depends on our creditworthiness – sometimes, when the payday loan company has doubts about whether to grant us a payday loan, it will require us to provide additional documents, for example a certificate of work on earned income.

Do not forget that the processing of an application may extend the errors found in it.

So, always check twice whether we made a mistake in the application. In this case, our application may even be rejected!

Can we accelerate the receipt of a payday loan?

When we want to decide to take an on-line payday loan and we want the money to be with us as soon as possible, choose a payday loan company that has an account or bank accounts in our bank.

Also, remember to fill in the application accurately and correctly, and submit it during the payday loan company’s business hours.

If we can meet these requirements, the payday loan can be with us even on the same day!

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