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For payday loan, the interest on payday loans has slipped below the mark of one percent for quite some time. But installment loans are cheaper than ever, because some banks offer this type of loan even at interest rates of less than three percent.

However, these cheap offers are often only made available to customers with excellent credit ratings. This is evidenced by the fact that so-called credit-based interest rates have risen significantly in recent years.

However, most credit institutions assume that the customer has no bad credit and on the other hand earns income from dependent employment. As a result, self-employed and freelancers often find it harder to obtain a payday loan. In the following guide, we would like to explain in more detail what payday loan self-employment loans are and where you can find this special loan type.

What is the online self-employed payday loan?

Due to the situation mentioned above, self-employed people, which include freelancers for most banks, have a significantly limited choice of payday loan offers. While credit institutions generally offer different loans for dependent employees, ie employees and civil servants, there are numerous banks that exclude self-employed and freelancers from borrowing. On the other hand, there have been deliberately special offers for self-employed for years, which are usually offered under the name “loans for the self-employed”. In the vast majority of cases, these are loans that you can apply for as a self-employed or freelancer via the Internet. Therefore, online loans for the self-employed are often discussed in this context.

In general, the online payday loan for self-employed and freelancers is an ordinary installment loan, which can accommodate not only dependent employees, but also self-employed and self-employed persons. These payday loans otherwise have all the features that you may already know from a standard installment loan. For you, this means that you should first make a comparison of offers, which, because of the lower supply, will certainly not have to be quite as extensive as would be the case for a regular employee loan.

When comparing yourself, you should pay particular attention to the following conditions:

  • Effective interest rate
  • Possible payday loan amount
  • running time
  • Monthly loan installment
  • Possible costs and fees
  • unscheduled options

In addition to these terms and conditions, it is also recommended that you check with the respective lender, whether he approved the payday loan blank or whether he demands a security.

Who can take an online self-employed payday loan?

First of all, most payday loan offers aimed at the self-employed are freelancers who can take out this payday loan. In addition, there are, however, some requirements that make most banks bank lending. For example, online loans to the self-employed are usually only required if the loan seeker already carries out the current self-employment for a certain number of years. As a result, the bank often only lends a payday loan to the self-employed if they are already doing their current business for three or five years. After three years of activity, the risk – that is, at least statistically – that the self-employed and freelancers are unable to pay falls considerably. If the alleged security of dependent employment does not exist, credit institutions will at least want to achieve this by reducing the probable credit default risk.

In addition to the minimum duration that self-employment must already be, there are other requirements that the self-employed and freelancers must normally fulfill if they wish to obtain a payday loan, namely:

  • No negative entry
  • No declining income (year on year)
  • Optional: provide securities
  • Certain economic documents must be submitted
  • Residence in Germany

While employees usually only have to submit a current salary certificate as proof of their income, the banks usually require somewhat more extensive documentation from self-employed and freelancers. Depending on the type of business and self-employed activity, it is above all the following documents that you will probably have to submit to your bank if you want to have a loan as a self-employed person. For an online payday loan, this usually works by faxing or e-mailing the documents to the potential lender:

  • balance sheet
  • Income statement
  • Business plan
  • Revenue surplus account
  • statement of assets
  • Business evaluation (tax consultant)

As a general rule, for any self-employed payday loan, you should make sure that the loan interest payable is reasonable. Quite a few banks still see self-employed and freelancers as potentially riskier customers, so they want to compensate for this increased default risk with a higher interest rate. However, since this is not the case with all credit institutions that offer a loan for the self-employed and freelancers, a comparison is worthwhile.

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Easily search for payday loan with your mobile online Fri, 15 Feb 2019 16:51:04 +0000

Man’s best friend does not have four legs and a wobbly tail longer. Instead, the built-in camera, high definition screen and Internet access are no matter where you are in the country. Of course, these are smartphones.

With a smartphone you can arrange just about anything in your life. Loan money on mobile easily and quickly online. It has never been easier to apply and get more money in the account. More about the possibilities here.

Payday loans are mobile friendly

With the Internet came opportunities galore. With smartphones even more. Today, most of them make sure that their users can use the website via their smartphone, if they have not already invented an app that fits their products.

Loan companies have also become aware of mobile users in more than one sense. You can still borrow money over your mobile phone by sending an SMS, but you can actually access all the providers’ websites from your smartphone because they have tried to optimize them for the use of mobiles.

You can easily apply for small loan amounts

If you are interested in borrowing a small amount but are not near your computer, you can easily do it from your mobile. It just requires you to know which provider can give you the loan you need.

There may be differences between who can help you with a loan of DKK 4,000 or DKK 6,000 , but you can quickly get an overview through targeted overviews on the web.

Then you can quickly click on to the relevant loan companies. It only requires you to fill out an application form that you can find on the providers’ websites. Here you often have to fill in your name and basic information about yourself. Finally, you must sign the document , but you can actually do that from your mobile.

Larger amounts require you to include accompanying documentation

If you are interested in borrowing a larger amount, you should, however, get hold of your computer, as it may well go awkward with your mobile. You can, of course, go a long way in obtaining quotes, but if you are asked to submit pay slips and annual statements, this can only be done from the computer. As long as your money requirement is below 10,000 kroner, this will typically not be necessary.

Your smartphone is an invaluable tool, and the loan companies are well aware of this. That’s why you can easily borrow money through your mobile. But if you have to send documents, it is still a good idea to boot up the computer, as it will most likely save you time in the end.

We hope you have become wiser about applying for loans with your mobile phone . It’s simple and straightforward – and then it can be done wherever you are and when it fits into your everyday life. In other words, the benefits are in line.

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How fast can an on-line payday loan be? Fri, 08 Feb 2019 00:15:59 +0000 Many non-banking payday loan companies operating on the Internet boast that they can give a payday loan to a client even within 15 minutes.

Jak szybka może być pożyczka on-line?

It would seem that such a short time is not possible. Or maybe?

Non-bank payday loans offered by payday loan institutions is a very attractive proposition for anyone needing extra cash. Thanks to them, we can finance every expense. We have installment payday loans at our disposal, which are offered for several months or several years, as well as quick payday payday loans , which we usually take out for one month.

To receive a quick online payday loan, we must meet the specific requirements of the payday loan company. These include, but are not limited to, adequate creditworthiness and creditworthiness. We also have to go through a special verification procedure, which involves making a transfer. An alternative solution is to use the Giro check carried out at the Poczta Polska outlet, but then the payday loan is not entirely online.

What determines the speed of the on-line payday loan?

When you are also interested in an installment payday loan or a payday offer offered via the internet, you are sure that you expect the money to be in your account as soon as possible. Indeed, sometimes it is possible in a quarter of an hour, and even even faster, but it also happens that we will have to wait even a few days for the transfer.

First of all, the speed of on-line payday loans depends on the bank in which we have our bank account. Why? Because it is from this account we make a verification transfer, and then we receive money on this account. When transfers are inter-bank, ie made between two banks, the standard posting time is one business day. When the account of the customer and the payday loan company are in the same bank, the transfers pass immediately.

The second issue is the working hours of the payday loan company. It is in them that payday loans are granted. Usually companies work from Monday to Friday, but there are also those that are available to customers on weekends. When we apply for a payday loan outside the business hours of a payday loan company, it will be processed the next day.

It is also worth pointing out that much depends on our creditworthiness – sometimes, when the payday loan company has doubts about whether to grant us a payday loan, it will require us to provide additional documents, for example a certificate of work on earned income.

Do not forget that the processing of an application may extend the errors found in it.

So, always check twice whether we made a mistake in the application. In this case, our application may even be rejected!

Can we accelerate the receipt of a payday loan?

When we want to decide to take an on-line payday loan and we want the money to be with us as soon as possible, choose a payday loan company that has an account or bank accounts in our bank.

Also, remember to fill in the application accurately and correctly, and submit it during the payday loan company’s business hours.

If we can meet these requirements, the payday loan can be with us even on the same day!

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Payday Loans for making new teeth Mon, 21 Jan 2019 16:06:14 +0000

It can be an unpleasant experience to go to the dentist – not just in the dental chair, but also afterwards when you get the bill in hand. It is far from anyone who can afford to go to the dentist every time it is needed, and not at all if you have to make brand new teeth.

If you are one of those who find it difficult to find a place in the budget for the inevitable dental surgery, it is a good idea to read it here. We help you find a good loan for new teeth.

Where can I get money for the dental bill?

Fortunately, there are several ways you can find help to pay the incalculable bill. There are two different ways that are worth focusing on. What you choose is up to yourself, but you should explore both options to find the cheapest solution.

Payday loan – Easy, fast and straightforward

The easiest and fastest option is to borrow money for your dental visit online. There are a large number of online providers ready to borrow money for whatever it is. You can search anywhere from 1,000 kroner to many thousands.

There is a big difference between the different payday loans you can find, so it is a good idea to examine the companies’ interest rates and requirements before applying. As you can see in our overview on the front page, there have been several cheaper companies on the market.

This means that the online companies can actually be just as, or cheaper, than the banks’ payday loans in 2016. Something few Danes are aware of. You should therefore examine the alternatives thoroughly and by searching more places, you can easily find the cheapest offer.

Some dental clinics offer funding for major tasks. It is not all that it is possible, therefore, you should check if your own dentist offers it. Financing at the clinic acts as a loan.

 You get the surgery and then you pay off over a few months until you have paid both the price back and the interest that is being imposed. It may be different how high the interest rates are and you should familiarize yourself with that in advance.

The optimal scenario for finding the cheapest loan is that you are looking for 2-3 sites online and at the same time interrogating the clinic. At that point you get more offers and interest offered where you can then choose the best.

Remember that you are not bound by your own dentist as you are by your doctor. So even if you can’t borrow from your own dental clinic, you can contact one where it is possible to be treated.

It’s not fun with toothache!

No matter how you choose to handle your financial situation, it is important that you do so! Dental problems can get worse the longer you go with them without doing anything about them.

And there is no doubt that having a toothache is not fun. It can affect both your work and many other things. Take care of the problem and then you should be able to find an affordable financing solution.

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Find quick payday loans for unemployed online Mon, 31 Dec 2018 16:35:24 +0000

If you want to borrow money as a vacancy, you will find it hard to persuade your bank advisor. Other good opportunities are available online, where work is only a requirement for a few providers.

There are several providers that do not have fixed income requirements, which means that unemployment benefits, cash benefits or SU can be sufficient. Get an insight into opportunities and check out our top 3 over payday loan as vacant (no income requirements).

Payday loan for the unemployed

It’s quick to borrow money online. It takes a few minutes to apply and the answer will often be in your inbox the same day. You can therefore talk about quick payday loan for the unemployed if you have an urgent need for money.

Even if you are not busy, it is very nice to get a quick clarification on whether you can borrow as unemployed. See our top 3 where you can apply for free and where permanent work / minimum income is not required.

The web is fast and easy

There is no doubt that the network is fast and easy in many ways. This entails when seeking consumer payday loan and here no alternatives can compete. If you are looking for the easiest and most simple way to money in the account, you need to search online. Whether you are unemployed, employed or self-employed.

In our overview you can see information on each provider. You will find their expected response times and the duration of their payout. This way, you know what to expect if you apply with them. In many cases, however, it goes faster than mentioned, but this is what they can guarantee.

Any income is useful

Although the article is about payday loan as vacant, it does not mean that you do not get money at all. Most of the unemployed are either on unemployment benefits or cash benefits, which provides a reasonable financial basis. It is not necessarily as much as a full-time salary, but enough for you to be approved and can make a good loan online.

In the loan application itself, you must provide a lot of information about yourself, including your income, which you must be able to document. Therefore, do not believe it is impossible even if you are unemployed. It will just cut you off from some providers.

It is not fun to go free and even if you have loan options online, these will only get better and more with a permanent job. We therefore want to conclude our guide with a video that provides advice for the job application.

It is an area where many unemployed people fail because it is the first step towards a job interview, which can subsequently result in a position. The personal touch is crucial, but must not be overridden.

After hopefully you have been called for a conversation, you should first examine who it is with. The relationship with the senior employees participating in the job interview must not be underestimated. If they like you and if you can find common interests, your chances are far greater.

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Payday Loan for hunting rifle or electricity hunting rifle Sat, 22 Dec 2018 16:50:26 +0000

Need a loan for hunting rifle or hunting rifle. Hunting is a cool but expensive hobby at times. It may require external financing and you can easily find it online. It is quick and easy to record a payday loan online.

The best part is that no provider mixes in the purpose, as is known from the bank. Whether you choose to borrow money for a new hunting rifle, computer or new car, therefore, has no influence. You can get started well with us.

Take a payday loan

It is a difficult task to convince your bank adviser that you need a payday loan for a new hunting rifle. Most people would recommend saving you, but what if it’s high season? Then it is not cool to have to wait months to get a good rifle.

If you have decided to borrow for a new hunting rifle or rifle, a good model can quickly cost you anywhere from 10,000 to 60,000 kroner. It depends largely on the dealer and whether you choose to buy or use new ones.

Go to our listings with loans of DKK 10,000 or DKK 60,000 to look at the loan options online. You can apply to the vast majority of providers, no matter what money needs you may have, and the answer often comes the same day.

You can easily search and get approved online

One of the great strengths of the market online is that the approval process is easy and fast. This means that many providers will answer you within 1 hour and you can thus clarify your options the same day you apply. Even if you choose to apply 2-3 different places.

This scenario is completely unthinkable in the bank, where you both have to wait longer for answers, and you must first “convince” them. More and more therefore choose to apply for loans for everything from holidays, caravans and hunting equipment online. In short, it is much easier.

Remember the permission to own a hunting rifle / rifle

If this is the first time you have to be the proud owner of a hunting rifle or hunting rifle, it is important to remember the permit. You can’t just buy the weapon without having a permit and it must be kept safe.

You should therefore be familiar with the rules before investing expensive in a rifle. 

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Need a payday loan as a single mother? Wed, 19 Dec 2018 16:40:34 +0000


As a single mother, it can sometimes be difficult to get the money to strike. If you are in a situation where you lack air in the budget or money for a specific thing, then you have the opportunity to borrow an online payday loan.

Here we look at what opportunities exist to take out payday loans as a single mother and what you need to notice when you apply.

Payday loan as a single mother

As a single mother, you can take out payday loans on an equal footing with everyone else. It may be that you are spending money on an investment such as a new car or apartment deposit or that you need to buy a new computer, a washing machine, or maybe a sofa.

There can be a host of reasons why you lack money as a single mother. The economic challenge is often greater, but the children have the same needs and desires. It may also be you want to go on a journey or weekend trip with your children, need to buy Christmas gifts, or just to pay unforeseen bills.

The good thing about the online market is that the purpose really has no meaning as long as your personal finances are sufficient. The important thing, however, is which payday loans you can be approved for with the income you have. As a single mother it will only be your income and economy that counts. Therefore, it is this that decides your options.

How am I asked?

There are a number of different payday loan types on the market, and your options depend in part on the type of payday loan you choose. As a rule, the requirements for bank payday loans are somewhat higher than for example consumer payday loans, where you can be approved with a lower income. You will typically be eligible for small and medium-sized payday loans if you have a fixed monthly income.

The better your finances and the higher your income, the more options you have, and the lower the interest rate, the companies can offer you. Overall, however, there are reasonable opportunities to find a consumer payday loan whether you are single mother, unemployed or just lacking money between hands. This is what makes the online market so flexible and a good supplement to the country’s banks.

Your income is the primary

The crucial factor for your opportunities is thus your income. It doesn’t matter what civil status you have if your finances are in order. To the vast majority of online payday loan providers you will need to present an annual statement or payslips that document a fixed income.

At the same time you must be able to show that you are not registered in the Debtor Register or as bad payer. As mentioned, you will get more opportunities, better terms and lower interest rates, the higher your income is because your credit rating will improve.

Keep in mind that you can always send a non-binding application for a consumer payday loan. That way, you can see if you can be approved and what your personal interest rate will be. It is free, non-committal and easy to apply, and you get answers in a short time. In this way you can get an overview of how your options on the payday loan market look.

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